Best Practices for Loan Closing

1. Be the first lender to speak to the consumer.

Your prospect chose the speed of the internet. Be the first lender to speak to that lead, and that consumer will appreciate your desire to attend to his needs quickly.

2. Create a strong rapport with the consumer.

You've laid the groundwork for closing by being first to speak with the consumer. Follow through by building a strong rapport.  Have a positive and productive attitude with each phone conversation.

3. Competitive product and friendly customer service build strong rapport.

Go the extra mile with great product and topflight service. You'll be way ahead of whoever calls second.  Demonstrate professionalism by listening to your prospect and provide loan solutions based on their objectives.

4. Call every lead and keep being first.

"First to speak will reach sales peak." Keep being first, call every lead, and you'll never miss the closing that got away. You never know when the next sale will happen. The terrific thing about hot mortgage leads is that prospects have already expressed an interest in what you are offering. Stick to one of the three plans below and, more often than not, you WILL be the first lender to speak to the lead. Be first, keep calling, and you will close more loans.
Persist at following one of the three strategies below and you will close more loans.

A. Strategy: Leads are sent directly to the loan officer. The LO works the lead from prospecting to closing.

  • The LO phones the lead as soon as he or she receives it. The LO continues calling the lead up to 8 times per day until the lead is reached.
  • Using a Lead Management System (LMS), efficiency is greatly increased. In this way, a much higher percentage of hot loans are contacted and ultimately contacted live. This results in a much higher percentage of converted loans.
  • The first lender to make live contact with the lead closes more loans.

  • B.Strategy: Leads are initially sent to an internal group of customer service reps. The hot leads are then transferred to the more experienced LOs

  • If you have the personnel, this is an excellent strategy for succeeding with internet leads. LOs are working on closing loans while someone else does the grunt work.
  • The first lender to make live contact with the lead closes more loans.

  • C. Strategy: Leads are sent to a 3rd party. Callers then transfer hot leads to branch to speak live to LO.

  • ReallyGreatRate has a partnership with For a nominal fee, leadqual creates hot transfers via this procedure, enabling LOs to work on closing loans.
  • The first lender to make live contact with the lead closes more loans.

  • Hot leads would not be hot leads if they weren't interested. But leads won't return your calls. They're expecting you to call and keep calling. Live up to their expectations. Remember: you are competing with other lenders for the same lead. Be the lender that makes an impression.
  • Make 6 8 follow-up calls through the day. Leave one message each day. Repeat for at least three days or until you make live contact with the lead.
  •      The first lender to make live contact with the lead closes more loans. That's why we almost hesitate to go beyond taking you to this point. But a couple of tips:

  • Gain the applicant's trust by educating him or her on the mortgage process as well as general "lead" procedure. Advise the applicant that up to 3 other lenders, and employees within each company, could be calling.
  • Pull credit on the first call. Once you pull applicant's credit, make the applicant aware that the credit companies can sell their data as a credit trigger. Other companies could be calling. Applicant should be wary if anything sounds too good to be true. From that point on, send out documents and remain in contact with the applicant.
  • Be fast. Be first. Persistence Is Everything. The first lender to make live contact with the lead closes more loans. Follow the procedures above and you'll be another successful ReallyGreatRate lender-partner. We're looking forward to your, and our, success.
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