ReallyGreatRate and Khafre form Strategic Alliance

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Redondo Beach, CA—August 6, 2009—ReallyGreatRate, Inc., an online lead provider for financial service professionals, has partnered with Payment Gone’s Khafre, a networking and tracking software for distressed financial service providers. The partnership was formed to both give Khafre users a premier, trusted source for additional lead sources; as well as maximize ReallyGreatRate’s exposure to potential new customers.

The combined resources of and Khafre will support efficiencies & greater business growth opportunity for financial service providers. Khafre’s software enables providers to network their products to other players in the market, generating additional revenue opportunities. ReallyGreatRate contributes to the growth and productivity of these same providers by generating online leads to fuel their business. Overall, consumers seeking financial services will see quicker resolution to their lending needs through the combined efforts of Khafre and ReallyGreatRate.

Khafre relies on ReallyGreatRate’s sterling reputation to keep its clients’ businesses thriving. “We were determined to offer a quality lead solution for our customers, ”says Mary Gregory, CEO of Payment Gone, LLC. “New users on the Khafre system become more efficient and profitable very quickly, and their ability to handle greater volume increases immediately. Partnering with RGR enables our users to order actionable leads directly through the Khafre system.”

ReallyGreatRate welcomes the opportunity to serve more industry players and improve customer service through expedited processing. President Matt Schaub said, “ReallyGreatRate advocates the use of a lead management system to streamline processes. Khafre takes this a step further by enabling partners to network their products. Getting the systems to talk to each other and aggregate data in one place ultimately benefits everyone.“

ReallyGreatRate will be featured as a spotlight partner on the Khafre portal. As such, ReallyGreatRate’s customers will enjoy an exclusive discount of 25% off Khafre set-up fees.

About Payment Gone, LLC
Payment Gone, LLC., is an emerging vendor in the financial industry, delivering networking software for companies desiring to manage their back office with enterprise-level efficiency. Through vast IT experience and a unique product offering, Payment Gone enables its customers to streamline their operation and maintain a competitive advantage. The Khafre system creates a seamless communication conduit between service providers and end-users. Utilizing a universal and reusable data entry model allows different agents and providers to share and repurpose client information, reduce user error and increase oversight and data quality. For more information, visit

About ReallyGreatRate
ReallyGreatRate, Inc. is an online financial lead generation company serving a broad spectrum of financial services providers. Founded in 2004, the company’s mission is to give every consumer the speed and convenience of online financial services, while providing the most personalized financial solutions available. ReallyGreatRate produces 500+ leads per day from its websites, providing real time, quality assured leads to financial services professionals. ReallyGreatRate is based in Redondo Beach, California and can be found online at or by phone at (310) 540-8900.